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Column: ‘Mayans M.C.’ a must watch; educates on culture

 When it comes to a TV show, do you like drama, intensity, crime, a little bit of comedy? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, then “Mayans M.C.” would be right for you. 

“Mayans M.C.” is about family; the trust, betrayal and love they have for each other (and extra points for the good-looking guys in it). Now if you don’t know what show I’m talking about, it takes place two and half years after the “Sons of Anarchy” series finale, but when you watch it you can tell things are different from the two shows. “We wanted to create our own little world,” said Elgin James, executive producer of the show “Mayans M.C.” 

Here is what you need to know about the amazing show “Mayans M.C.,” so you can enjoy watching it like I do. Trying to not give away any spoilers from the show, I’m going to tell you the back story and about the characters I love. According to IMDB, Mayans is set in a post-Jax Teller world (Charlie Hunnam). Ezekiel, who goes by “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) is the prospect of the Mayans M.C. charter on the California/Mexico border. They call EZ the “golden boy” with an American plan in his grip. He’s trying to harmonize with his big brother “Angel” (Clayton Cardenas), while looking for honesty in what really happened with his mother’s death. For now, their father “Felipe” (Edward James Olmos) is contending to guide his sons down a decent path. 

One of the things I love about the show is the strong female characters who are bosses. Sarah Bolger, who plays “Emily” the wife of a drug lord cartel “Miguel Galindo” (Danny Pino), is phenomenal playing the role, and you can see the unbelievable things she does for her family. The actress, Carla Baratta, plays “Adelita,” a rebel for the poor who’s against the Mexican government. She is amazing at playing the character. Emily and Adelita are bad***, smart, caring, and will do anything to get what they want. The motherly “Dita Galindo” (Ada Maris), the mother of Miguel, does the role very well. As you watch, there are several deep, dark secrets she has kept. I can tell you there are many scenes where the acting is so fantastic that the actors/actresses deserve an Oscar for their performances! The show will pull you in with the acting, the characters, suspense and intensity of the episodes. 

What I love about the Mayans is it shows what goes on beyond the border, and begins to change your mindset about the Hispanic culture on both sides of the border. It shows tunnels underneath the “wall” and how folks get from California to Mexico, which is a big part of the Mayans’ lifestyle. I love how they do anything for their families or each other, because family is everything to me. It makes you appreciate the Hispanic culture and have some understanding of what it is all about. 

When it comes down to it, we need to respect and love each other despite the different world we live in. We all have the same blood running in our veins, so think before you say something about someone. 

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