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Congratulations Dr. Juan Mejia

Determination, passion and pride are some of the words to describe the new President, Branch Locations and TJC District Provost, Dr. Juan Mejia.

On March 29, in TJC’s Board Meeting a few changes in the titles were made to our two biggest administrative position.

Dr. Mejia will now oversee all the other TJC campuses across East Texas,TJC Rusk, TJC Jacksonville, TJC West in Tyler, TJC North in Lindale and TJC’s Online Virtual Campus.

But Dr. Mejia has been more than just an administrative for the Hispanic culture, and the Hispanic student in this campus.

Dr. Mejia was the first Hispanic Vice-President of TJC, and also has work in our Early College Program, that allows high school students to complete their Associate while in high school. Dr. Mejia also help TJC to offer their first Bachelor’s.

However, that’s not all. Dr. Mejia enjoys TJC and all of its beauty in a way it cannot be describe.

Dr. Mejia is the perfect example of anything can be accomplished regardless of your native language, race, ethnicity.

As student, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Dr. Mejia, and see him at work in different occasions, and the passion and ease that Dr. Mejia has to give a speech and inspire many parents and students is something that cannot be though.

Dr. Mejia’s humble personality also shines among others and that’s why in 2017, he was name the recipient of  Nelson Administrative Leadership Award. This honor celebrates the importance of administrative leadership at Texas community colleges.

We hope and are certain that Dr. Mejia will continue his hard work and will continue to be a inspiration for the Hispanic community, the TJC community, and the Texas community.

Congratulations Dr. Juan Mejia.

Orgullo Hispano!!

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