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Correction: Student Senate Executives

Robert Naylor

In issue 3 of our paper, we incorrectly named our Student Senate Executive President. While we printed “Brooks W. Milton,” our president’s last name is actually “Melton.”

Additionally, in responding to the question: Can you tell us what the student senate represents, and what your position does specifically, we input the incorrect response for Daniela Juarez. Her response is as follows.

Student senate is one of many outlets that students can use to change the campus. Also, students are able to keep up with events, express concerns and make an impact.

I am the ambassador of organizations. What the ambassador of organizations does is to make sure that organizations play an active role in TJC’s campus. They also alert students of events coming up. I am also the head of the Health and Safety Committee, which looks into topics regarding student’s health.

We will be releasing the full Q and A, detailing some answers that did not make it to print, later in the week.

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