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Counselor suggests way to reduce anxiety

Marshall Cearfoss

Managing Editor

As finals quickly approach, students may experience enhanced anxiety due to the stress. Luckily, there are some tactics that can help alleviate these effects.

“If students have severe test anxiety, they could probably benefit from making an appointment,” said Tracey Williams, counselor and learning specialist.

As the campus counselor, Williams has focused her experience in neuropsychology and is willing to help any students with a variety of issues, including test anxiety. The most effective tactic she uses is called “relaxation response.”

“It’s helpful even outside of test taking,” said Williams. “It’s helpful anytime you get stressed or overly emotional or something like that.”

Although the process is consistently helpful, it typically takes an hour of counseling to learn. So, if students are only experiencing mild anxiety, or aren’t able to schedule a counseling visit, here’s a shortlist of easy habits students can use to calm down and reduce stress.

This list is only of a few tactics that may help anxiety. If a student is experiencing extreme anxiety or is undergoing any emotional or mental hardships, it is encouraged to schedule an appointment with the campus counselor. For an appointment, go to TJC.edu/counselingappointment or call 903-510-2041.

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