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Crime Watch: Oct. 23

9:45 am WELFARE CONCERN: A student from Ornelas dorm advised campus safety officers that she was concerned for her safety on campus. The information will be forwarded to Residential Life personnel.

10-22-08 12:29 pm PUBLIC SERVICE: A disturbance occurred between two students from Holley Hall. Campus Safety intervened and retrieved property from one student and returned the property to its owner. Residential Life was contacted.

10-22-08 5:30 pm CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A student advised that someone vandalized her vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot at 1018 S. Baxter.

10-22-08 7:20 pm UNLOCK: Campus Safety observed an unlocked door at the Tyler Area Business Incubator on the West Campus. Campus Safety secured the door.

10-22-08 8:22 pm ASSIST OTHER AGENCY: A student contacted the Tyler Police Department to report a hit and run accident that occurred in the Ornelas parking lot.

10-22-08 9:50 pm CRIMINAL TRESPASS WARNING: HPE staff contacted Campus Safety and stated a group of females walked past the front check-in desk, entering the gym and refused to stop or show ID cards. Campus Safety contacted six female Jarvis College students and issued each a criminal trespass warning.

10-22-08 10:22 pm SUSPICIOUS PERSONS: Campus Safety received a report regarding a suspicious acting individuals on the parking lot of Bateman Hall. Campus Safety contacted and identified the individuals. The two non-students were issued criminal trespass warning from college property.

10-23-08 1:40 am LOUD STEREO: While on patrol in the parking lot behind West Hall, Campus Safety observed a group of individuals standing around a vehicle that was playing its stereo at a loud volume. Campus Safety instructed the students to turn off the loud music and to leave the area.

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