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Da Vinci exhibits leaving Tyler soon

Leonardo Davinci is perhaps the most prolific artist and inventor of all time and now his inventions

have come to Tyler. The Discovery Science Place and TJC’s Center for Earth and Space Science

Education (CESSE) are jointly hosting scale and full size models of Davinci’s most fascinating works.

Everything from irrigation devices to tanks and machine guns are on display. Not only that, but they

are hands on. Visitors can get a taste of how the machines might have worked if Davinci had built

them. Some were so far ahead of the time that the contraptions were deemed impractical or impossible.

The exhibit is open until September 7. Admission covers both Discovery Science Place and CESSE’s

exhibits. Currently playing at CESSE’s domed theatre on campus are; “Space Park 360”, “The Last

Reef”, “Back to the Moon”, and “East Texas Skies Live.”

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