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Dance organization Chi Tau Epsilon provides creative outlet; membership open to dance majors, non-majors alike

By Brianna Murphy
Staff Writer

Photos by Cassidy Noelle Winborn

Students across campus who have a passion or taste in dance join Chi Tau Epsilon to express themselves.
Chi Tau Epsilon is an organization for dance enthusiasts that allows students to grow artistically and gives members the opportunity to perform and share dance with the community.
Because of COVID-19, Chi Tau Epsilon currently holds its meetings in the Apache Belle Studio due to social distancing policies. The organization meets once a month, while an umbrella organization, the Collective meets once a week.
Collective is a dance performance group, and students must be a member of Chi Tau Epsilon to audition for the Collective. The organization started in fall 2019, but many performances were postponed due to COVID-19. Instead of focusing on in-person performances, Chi Tau Epsilon and The Collective are organizing recorded video performances.
The dance on film, “Feel the Change” is coming to YouTube and social media platforms this December. Kristi Franks, professor at the Department of Dance at TJC, is the current adviser of Chi Tau Epsilon. Franks encourages students who are interested in joining to watch the upcoming performance to get a taste of what Chi Tau Epsilon and the Collective offers.

Above: Kristi Franks is a professor of dance and adviser for Chi Tau Epsilon.

Students can join, even if they are not dance majors. Those interested will be able to participate in performances and production. Joining Chi Tau Epsilon is free, but students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. The Collective membership is free as well, with a 3.0 GPA requirement, but students must audition.
“Students that may have an interest in dance, that are not going to be a dance major have no outlet to exercise their passion for this art form,” Franks said.
Chi Tau Epsilon breaks this barrier and allows both dance and non-dance majors to get involved in dance-related activities.
“I think it is a really wonderful way to help them stay into dance or even people who have always been interested in dance but have never tried it,” Franks said.
Chi Tau Epsilon provides a community of dancers with a passion and is “a great way to have [students] practice their craft on a regular basis,” Franks said.
For dance majors, Chi Tau Epsilon provides them experience in performance and production. Through performances, such as “Feel the Change,” students gain hands-on experience in directing choreography.
Additionally, Chi Tau Epsilon gives dance majors a competitive advantage and is a big resume builder. Chi Tau Epsilon is a nationally recognized organization with several chapters in Texas. Students can transfer to a different chapter if they plan on transferring to a university. All chapters offer several leadership positions.
All members of the Chi Tau Epsilon can plan choreography, gain experience in filmography, experience behind the scenes, and see their performance on stage.
Additionally, Chi Tau Epsilon is seeking behind-the-scenes members, including photographers and videographers.
Franks encourages interested students to watch the upcoming dance on film to gain a taste of what Chi Tau Epsilon offers. Additionally, those interested in joining should email Franks at Kristi.Franks@tjc.edu.

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