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Discounts and Additional Fees


A 10% discount on advertising is offered when an advertiser places the same ad in all six issues. To be eligible for this discount, a contract must be signed by the advertiser. If an advertiser pulls an advertisement before all six issues have been printed, the difference between the fee charged and the discounted fee will be due on ads that have already run.

On-campus organizations receive an automatic 10% discount on the above ad rates.


Full-color printing is available on full-page ads at a rate of $100. Full-color is available on other ad sizes at the rate of $50. Color spaces are limited so advance reservation of space is strongly recommended.


The Apache Pow Wow offers advertising design at the rate of $20 per ad. Any submitted ads requiring changes or ads designed by the Pow Wow staff that need to be updated by the advertiser will also incur a $20 charge.

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