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Discounts Draw Students to the Movies

One of the enduring past times of students, adults and children is going out and seeing the newest movie, but with the economic strains of the past few years, moviegoers may be finding it harder to pay for rising ticket prices.

What most Tyler residents may not know is there are multiple theaters that provide discounts and opportunities for saving money.

So far the best movie viewing deal in town is the small, but thriving, Sky Vue Drive-In Theater. The theater is located on Highway 69 north, three minutes North of Tyler’s Loop 323 and four minutes South of Lindale’s Interstate 20.

This newer addition to the Tyler theater scene was established by the Phillips family and gives viewers a friendly drive-in atmosphere with a little variety thrown into the movie experience.

“I will not play rated R movies because this is a family theater,” said Robert Phillips, co-owner of Sky Vue. “Movies are picked based on how many people I think will come.”

Sky Vue offers double features, or two movies, for only $6 for adults on the same screen. The drive-in is open Friday through Wednesday, and each Friday the movie options change.

As for concessions, prices are about the same as other theaters, but a few more options are available such as pizza served by the slice on weekends.

“If someone comes in and wants a pizza during the week, I will be more than happy to make one for them,” Phillips said.

For more information on show times and directions visit http://www.tylerdrivein.com.

Although the biggest and more tech savvy theater, Carmike Cinema 14, does not have any type of student, senior citizen or group rates.

It does offer some deals on drinks, popcorn and candy. This includes “Stimulus Tuesdays” where guests of the theater can purchase a small popcorn and small drink for $1 each or candy for $2.

Carmike Cinema 14 is located at 7415 S. Broadway Ave. For show times and ticketing information, call (903) 939-8258 or visit http://www.carmike.com.

For those who would rather not fight the crowded bustle of a larger movie theater, Time Square Cinema is the place to be.

Times Square is located at 5201 S Broadway Ave. in the Times Square Shopping Center in Tyler. Student discounts are $5.50 with a valid student I.D.

Concession prices are also some of the cheapest in town.

“I would rather go to Times Square because it’s closer to my house, tickets are cheaper and I could go to Breakers afterwards for dinner, or Julians,” Allen Magbanua, a native to Tyler said.

The only downside to the small theater setting is that not all movies are shown. But Times Square is known to do it’s best to please the public.

“We are able to play some of the church movies that come through that the other cinemas don’t think will make enough money,” said manager Jeremy Simpson. “There are a lot of churchy and older people in Tyler that enjoy being able to see those movies.”

Times Square also sells group tickets for groups of 10-15 viewers where 25-50 cents is taken of each ticketed price. Coupons are aslo available in the back of phonebooks for things such as “buy one get free” or a percentage off purchases.

For more information on movie times and tickets, call (903)581-1818.

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