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Disney enters digital world with streaming service

 With streaming services dominating the television market and Disney dominating the box office, it’s no surprise that Disney’s entertainment empire is starting a streaming service of its own: “Disney+.” 

Disney+ is a new streaming platform that will allow the user to watch any form of entertainment Disney related, whether it be Pixar, Marvel, “Star Wars” or other affiliates. Subscribers will also be able to stream episodes of TV shows that are Disney produced. So for those who grew up in the early 2000s watching animated or live-action TV shows by Disney, there will soon be an easy way to binge-watch childhood favorites. 

There are not just movies and TV shows from Disney’s past, but also there will be Disney+ Originals, which will feature TV shows and movie spin-offs from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and “Star Wars.” 

Marvel currently has five shows in development: a spin-off series of the character Loki and two spin-off pairings of “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and Winter Soldier.” “WandaVision” has been speculated to take place before the events of “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “The Falcon and Winter Soldier” is speculated to take place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” There are two other shows that they have kept under wraps from the public called: “What If…” and “Hero Project.” 

“Star Wars” is bringing two shows to the platform, including a final season for “The Clone Wars” animated show and a new show called “The Mandalorian.” Two trailers have been released for “The Mandalorian” and it appears this show is set after the events of “Return of the Jedi.” Based on the trailers, it appears to go for a darker tone than the original films. It is said to be primarily focused on the underworld of smuggling and bounty hunting in the “Star Wars” universe. 

Marvel and “Star Wars” aren’t the only platforms taking the streaming service. Disney is also developing a new animated series and educational documentaries. “The World According to Jeff Goldblum,” is one of the educational programs, which will follow Goldblum and his adventures through different cultures and technologies being developed. 

Disney+ will be available Nov. 12. The service costs $6.99 a month or a yearly payment of $69.99. For those major Marvel, “Star Wars” or Disney fans in general, this new streaming service might be something to look into. 

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