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Dont stand so close to me

When in doubt, bail out.

With the dating scene breaking into the internet more prominently safety is becoming a larger priority. Statistics from campussafetymagazine.com say, between 20% and 25% of women will experience a completed and/or attempted rape during their college career, 80% of sexual assault and rape victims are under the age of 30, and last, but certainly not least, 84% of the women who reported sexually coercive experiences experienced the incident during the first four semesters on campus.

Safety is an issue that should not be overlooked with those statistics.

To avoid any unnecessary happenings, Match.com provides some tips on how to date safely:

  • Get to know the other person before meeting them offline
  • Always meet in public
  • Stay in a public place
  • Tell a friend
  • Stay sober
  • Drive yourself to and from the first meeting
  • Keep personal items with you at all times

Owner of Taekwondo America, Matt Bares, has been doing taekwondo for 21 years. Bares hosts self-defense classes by request for anyone interested. They are well-received and affordable.  ht_date_rescue_app_jp_120712_wblog

“I think today with the information and technology, the bad guys know so much,” Bares said. “They’re smarter now than ever.”

Bares believes everyone should know self-defense or at least browse the internet on dating safety.

“There’s a lot about dating safety that people need to know… find out about who you are going out with,” Bares said. “Take all that research and put it together.”

While on the date, if you see that he or she is uninteresting or possibly even threatening, there is an app for your iPhone or Android that can help you out. The “Bad Date Rescue” app allows you to choose a contact to “call” you in your time of need. If there is a photo for that contact it shows up as well and appears that they are actually calling you.

According to NBC Bay Area, “To make it believable, pre-recorded messages with prompts include a boss who wants help immediately or a neighbor with a leaky pipe.”

NBC Bay Area continues stating that the users can schedule a call in advance just in case.

The app is provided by eHarmony and is free.

With all these options and opportunities to prepare oneself mentally and physically, everyone should feel a lot more comfortable about going out and meeting someone new. Always remember to stay cautious, stay smart, and always know your next move.

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