Editorial: Why the Vaughn library is not a Favorable place to Study


Hundreds of students every week walk through the doors of the Vaughn Library. But let’s be honest- for it being a library, it doesn’t keep to a reputation of one. It may be a place to use computers, borrow a book when needed, or grab a cup of coffee, but the Vaughn Library is not a favored place for studying.

There’s nothing worse then not being able to focus when you have homework due, that same day, all thanks to procrastination of course. Students who go to the TJC library aren’t required to follow any guidelines to stay quiet, like most average libraries, but they are asked to do so out of courtesy for those there to study. This isn’t necessarily a problem but for those of you who choose to spend their time in the library catching up on homework or studying for a test, well, there isn’t much mercy left because of all the noise.

The coffee shop, for example, produces much laughter and dialogue from those partaking. The public computers are an invite for sound, including the group of friends who congregate in front of the same screen. Are they even using it for homework? It seems like the majority of students who are in the library during the day just go there to hangout. Most conversations are just plain loud. Even if each conversation isn’t considered loud by itself, when you add all the conversations together, it equals about the same amount as a public hangout place. Yeah, that’s right, a hangout spot. A library is supposed to be a quiet study place.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The Vaughn Library is a great place to go, which is the reason it’s always crowded with students. But shouldn’t it be called a library for library purposes? Students should be able to go to a quiet, secluded place to get the books they need and most importantly, get homework and studying done without distraction or noise. Next time you are there be mindful of others who are probably trying to submit something by 11:59 p.m.

Technical Assistance is Available in the Vaughn Library.  Video by Jake Farrar