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Effects of the refinement in the Housing 2.0 GPA Policy

Effective since Fall 2017, the Residential Life and Housing department made adjustments to the GPA policy for residents that live on campus.

The policy now requires for students to acquire a 1.5 GPA by the end of their first semester and a cumulative 2.0 GPA by their second semester.

After only one semester of these new policies, over 100 residents did not accomplish the required GPA. The majority of them were freshmen in their first semester of college.

Director of Auxiliary Services/ Director of Residential Life and Housing, Diana Karol, stated “The majority of them were freshmen and they didn’t make the GPA. There was a handful, that were in their second semester living with us and they didn’t make a 2.0, so they also were removed.”

Even though this group of students were removed from On-Campus Housing, they may still enroll in courses for the upcoming semester, with the exception of the students on academic suspension.

Making the required GPA is not far goals for students on academic probation. There are different academic resources provided by the school like tutoring,  writing labs, or by simply seeking help from the quality staff on campus.

“The resources are here to support you, not only in the halls but also all over this campus, in the classroom, out of the classroom, very knowledgeable in all aspects of going to college,” said Ms. Karol, “to function in this world you’re going to have to make those grades, ask for help when you needed, step up, and take responsibility”

For the new students in the Spring, the message for the new residents still remains strong.

“We want you to go to class,” said Ms. Karol. “We are here to provide you housing while you go to school.”

As a reminder, the Housing office sent an email to its residents reminding them about going class to avoid being dropped for no-show.

Mrs. Karol also encourages the new students to seek help if needed.

“Don’t wait, communicate,” said Ms. Karol

The change in the policy is spectated to remain in place in the following years, to keep On-Campus housing a privilege.

“Grades impact a whole lot of different aspects of being a college student,” said Mrs. Karol.


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