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Employers use social media to screen new hires


Sitting in class, at lunch, or the movie theaters students are networking socially. That may be through Facebook, Twitter, or even a networking site to search for jobs.


“I think it’s great because a lot of the students don’t have the avenues or the person-to-person contacts yet because they haven’t been in the business field and have the opportunity to one-on-one network,” said Speech Professor Angela Porter. “So this gives them the opportunity to do it electronically and get out there.”


Most students network in some form for a job, some not even knowing it.


“I would tell students to be very careful with how they conduct themselves on social networking sites because their behavior there can impact their ability to get a job,” said Honors Program Coordinator/English Instructor Mandy Palmer. “Those who use social networking sites often forget or don’t realize that the pictures and comments they post might be viewed by potential employers.”


Each person has his or her own view of networking.


“As far as jobs go, I know it’s important to network that way because I met a girl here [at the TJC Bookstore], and as I was working here it turns out she was the supervisor at Ross while she was working here [with me],” said Sophomore Tiara Marshall. “I met her, we chatted and she got me on at Ross.”


Some people may use online networking to find a job in a heartbeat; others might look into it more.


“I would be cautious and do some background work as far as the predators and so forth, I wouldn’t just go on what I saw on a website, I would dig a little deeper and search out some others avenues into this company or employment opportunity,” Porter said. “If nobody around me had ever heard of it, then I would suggest that they search it out.”


Most college students either already have a job or are looking for one; some only focus on their schoolwork.


“I personally think it’s important for students to be employed at some level while in both high school and college so they understand what it means to earn money, pay bills and be financially organized,” said Palmer. “However, every student has to decide for him/herself the best school/work balance.”

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