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EMT and Paramedic students Gain hands-on training in New ambulance Simulator

TJC has a new ambulance simulator for EMT and paramedic students. The simulator was purchased in November of 2017,  through Perkins Funds, which provides money for health programs and colleges.

Last semester’s students only had a brief time with the simulator, as the semester came to and end. This semester, and going forward, the ambulance will see much more use.

The simulator is built almost identical to the inside of a real ambulance, and is stocked the same way, so that students will know where everything is located. The only difference is, the students train on mannequins as their patients.

“This helps us provide training and simulations indoors in a safe environment with our students to prepare them for when they get to go ride ambulances… Because part of their training their gonna go out and do internships where they actually ride along in a real ambulance. And this helps get them acclimated to that,” said Rory Prue, the EMS department chair at Tyler Junior College.

Trey Moses, a part time instructor explains that students, years ago, had to use other students to practice on. But with the advanced technology in the simulations, students can now train for real life situations, without worrying about putting another student at risk.

The medical department plans to design the box-like ambulance simulators with TJC stickers and graphics. They hope to give a real life feel for the outside of the simulator, just as the inside is.



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