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Fall dorm applications due soon

While students are looking forward to spring break, Angela Nunez and Melody Huff of the TJC Housing Department are looking forward for the week after the break.

This particular week is where students fill out Intent to Return Applications, if they wish to continue living on campus for the 2009 Fall semester.

For students living on campus, this application is very important if they wish to continue residing in one of the eight halls located at TJC.

And the Housing Department is doing all it can to stress the importance of this application.

While housing applications for new students are accepted year round, Intent to Return applications are a two week process.

“The first week of Intent to Return is any student that is returning who is to stay in their same hall and room,” said Huff, Area Coordinator of Residential Life. “The second week is anybody who’s planning on staying on campus, but wants to change halls or rooms.”

“I’m an Apache Belle, so I have to live on-campus,” said Macy Krim, freshman at TJC, “but I don’t live here [in Tyler], so it’s more convenient.”

Crim is one of the several students that chose to stay at TJC’s newest residence hall, the Ornelas Complex, which Housing Department expects to get filled first. “Our rooms are almost double the size than the other halls’ rooms,” Crim said.

There are currently 963 students living on campus.

With only 1,042 rooms in the eight student residence halls, that is still a lot of space taken up.

If students want to continue living on campus, they need to act now in order to keep their spot.

Students who plan on returning need to fill out their applications from March 16 to the 27. Housing payment will be due on July 1.

There will be two financial aid workshops to aid students this semester.

The dates have yet to be determined. According to Nunez, Director of Residential Life and Housing, students who have not paid on the due date shall be placed on a waiting list, while rooms are assigned to students who have paid in full.

There will also be a survey available for students to give feedback about their time on campus. Housing will take this feedback and try to improve the experience for their residents.

For more information, visit http://www.tjc.edu/housing.

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