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Farewell: Andres R. Jaimes, Managing Editor

Three years go by fast, and after all this time I feel like this last semester has thought me tons of things.

After three years, and being in involve in many different organizations there’s too much to say goodbye to, however, it’s never too much to thank and appreciate what other did to me.

I will like to start by thanking Mrs. Nidia Hassan for opening the TJC doors to me, as a freshman and allowed me to have my first job on campus and my first presidency in the Hispanic Student Organization, along with plenty more experiences and lessons throughout the years.

Thank you Derrick Gray, Rachel Jennische, for bringing me to The Drumbeat, allowing me to gain an abundant amount of experience in my field of study, and allowing to me share my opinions in the newspaper and online. My work in journalism will able have a little of their taste in it.

Also, thank you, Mrs. Diana Karol, Mrs. Aukse Harris, and Joseph Talbot, for believing in me as a Resident Assistant and for encouraging me to be the best and different trough my days as a Senior Resident Assistant in one of the biggest residence halls on campus.

To all of my professors, that supported me and gave me all the tips and advice to succeed on my academics. TJC professor are the best example of qualified staff, and a big role on TJC’s promise on providing a quality education.

For my friends and family in the student body, which are too many to name, you know who you are, thank you, for always helping me and supporting me, for sharing the best moments of my life with me, trough the laughs and the tears, y’all made me who I am.

And lastly, to my wonderful girlfriend, Briana Molina, for being in my life and becoming my family every step of way. My life became easier when our relationship started. ¬†You’re definitely what I needed. I love you.

As much as I miss my parents, and my country, I know I feel safe in TJC with a much bigger and different family, but it’s time to built this legacy wearing purple. Axe em’ Jacks.

Thank you TJC.

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