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FASFA, TJC scholarship applications open; apply now to save money

 The Financial Aid Office will be hosting workshops on Nov. 14 and Feb. 6 to assist students with the Free Application for Student Financial Aid and financial aid. The FASFA and TJC Scholarship application opened Oct. 1, and the deadline for 2020-21 fall classes is April 1. 

“All students should complete the FASFA each year,” said Devon Wiggins, director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Support Services. “Students may be eligible for more than they think. Also, we see a lot of students not expecting to use loans but something unexpected happens and they need them after all, so completing the FASFA early, even if there aren’t any plans to take out loans, puts them a great position just in case something changes.” 

TJC offers more than $48 million in financial aid each year through grants, loans, scholarships, waivers, exemptions and work study. 

“Based on our last IPEDs (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) data the average grant/ scholarship received by undergraduate students was $5,007, the average Pell grant was $4,660, and the average federal student loan was $5,460,” Wiggins said. “Other good info is that for 2019-2020 the maximum Pell grant is $6,195, plus we award other grants from both federal and state sources.” 

FAFSA has recently launched a mobile app called myStudentAid. 

“I think FAFSA is great because it is helping students everywhere go to college,” said student Eunice Ambriz. “It didn’t take long for me to complete the FAFSA; however, there was a hiccup in my process so I didn’t receive anything this semester. I plan on re-applying, so hopefully next semester.” 

Students can contact the Apache Enrollment Center for financial aid assistance. They can visit the AEC in the White Administrative Services Center or call 903-510-2385. 

“I applied last year for the FASFA, but I haven’t started this year’s application yet,” said student Alaina Thorn. “My parents helped me so applying wasn’t too bad. I also received scholarships from TJC so I haven’t taken out any loans. I don’t feel like I need a whole lot of help with the FASFA, because my parents have helped me out so much.” 

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