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First year a challenging experience

The first year of college for students can be exciting, new, and sometimes scary.

Many colleges don’t have programs to help students succeed during their first year. Luckily, Tyler Junior College offers many programs in order to help students with their first year experience.

“These programs provide opportunities through programs and special events to help students find a spot to succeed not only academically but socially,” said Jonathan L. Pollard, assistant director for Student Life and Involvement. “The third annual Camp Apache is a big social event coming up after thanksgiving. I encourage all to come out.”

Apache Orientation is a good opportunity for students to get to know the campus which will help students before they start school.

“Orientation helped me locate my classes. When school started I had no problems finding my classes,” said Darieous Dorsey, freshmen student. “I’m glad a lot of people in my orientation group had the same classes as me, otherwise it may have been hard trying to find my classes on my own.”

While attending Apache Orientation students were told about activities and clubs at the school to help them get involved.

“When I was in high school, I knew almost everyone by name. Now coming to college I see so many students that I don’t know, but overall it’s been an exciting experience,” Dorsey said.

It is good for students, especially freshmen to join an organization to feel part of the school. TJC offers clubs and organizations such as the Apache Bells, the National Honor Society, the Apache Band, sports and the Apache Activities Council.

“I joined the AAC about two weeks ago and I got to meet people I never would have met. I helped set up the water slides at the first party during Welcome Week. I didn’t feel so bad being a new guy once I learned most students that showed up were new also,” said Josh Tindel freshman student.

With all the student activities going on, any student should be able to find an activity that can help get them through their first year experience, whether it be learning how other students cope with their first- year experience or joining a school function.

“The FYE has helped many people out in the past and I look forward to seeing it help many in the future,” said Pollard.

For information about all school activities for the first year experience, email Pollard at jpol@tjc.edu or callhis office at 903-510-2611.

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