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Five things I hate about college

College, for many, is one of the most exciting experiences in life.  High school graduates are itching to get their high school diplomas and start living the college experience.  As it is true at any college, students at Tyler Junior College have learned both the good and bad of campus life.  Here are the top five worst things at TJC from least to greatest, picked by students.


5. English Classes


All students must take both 1301 and 1302 English classes as a course requirement.  Many students mourn taking these classes due to the multiple essays, Shakespeare readings and a final research paper.

Matt Dwyer, taking his general studies, said the English teachers he had were too strict.

“ I had a perfect paper, but was missing a word, and failed it,” Dwyer said.


4. Cafeteria’s “No To-Go Containers” policy


The life of a college student is one of non-stop movement.  Many don’t have time to sit down at the cafeteria to eat before heading off to their next class.  The cafeteria in Rogers Student Center will not supply to-go containers for students in a hurry, leaving them with two options: starve or miss half of class.

“Everybody doesn’t stay on campus … sometimes you just want to get into the cafeteria and get something to go,” said nursing major Jasmine Finley.


3. Potter Hall


            From the outside, the three-story red brick building known as Potter’s Hall looks nice, but is an eye-sore from the inside.  Students think the white tile and bland classrooms are not creating a good learning environment.

“I hate the math building (Potter Hall).  It looks like a high school cafeteria,” said Brianna Tucker, English major.  “They need to put carpeting in Potter Hall instead of tiling.”

2. The Lanyard Policy


Students get the fact that the lanyard policy is enacted to provide security while on campus, but many think the policy has gone a little over-board.  After being caught without the lanyard the second time, students are charged with a $5 fee for the paper day pass.  It’s important to wear the lanyard, but a fee for misplacing it seems to be a bit too much for students


“I don’t like the lanyard thingy.  I feel like it’s a false sense of security,because I know like whenever I lost mine … I put my license in there and walked around with it with no hesitation,” said Josh Benstow, mass communications major.


1. Financial Aid


Financial aid is a great thing to have, in fact, the majority of TJC students have it, but in many cases, the problem with it is how long it takes to get it.  Many have experienced a difficulty with the financial aid and have been forced to pay for school with their own money due to slow financial aid.

TJC student Kenish Akra has had trouble with her financial aid.  Akra said that she filed early in February, and had trouble being able to get all of the paperwork together.  She said that the financial aid office kept contacting her with things that she was missing.

“Last semester I didn’t get my financial aid until two weeks before school got through,“ said Kiaira Miles, TJC students. “ I had to pay it … out of my pocket.”


TJC students have their dislikes about the college, but the majority admits the good outweighs the bad.  The school is in a constant metamorphosis, upgrading

the with newer technology, and updated policies.PicMonkey Collage

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