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Former ETBU president named new VP

Tyler Junior College recently named Dr. Bob E. Riley as Vice President of Student Affairs. He is the former president of East Texas Baptist University in Marshall.

Riley was a president for 25 years, a university faculty member, has experience in dean roles, vice president, and was a member of the Navy during the Vietnam War.

Dr. Riley attended Wheeler High School and graduated college from West Texas State University. He received his doctorate from Texas A&M Commerce.

Riley was a last minute hire in the summer to fulfill the position of Dr. Austin Lane and was hired by Dr. L. Michael Metke, president of TJC.

“Dr. Riley was an easy choice because of his background, and he is very well respected,” Metke said.

Riley is only an administrator of TJC until the spring, but he has many ideas to improve TJC campus, faculty and students.

According to Metke, Riley has already made changes to TJC such as moving Financial Aid to Student Services, and moving Campus Safety to Business Services from Student Services.

His main focus is to “stabilize policies in Student Affairs,” Riley said.

Student Affairs serves students beginning at orientation and ending at graduation. This division promotes and supports the educational mission of TJC by providing out-of-classroom programs and services that encourage students to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

According to Metke, Riley is also helping TJC with its affirmation.

With many ideas and suggestions, Riley has proposed a plan to eliminate poor dress code and profanity.

As students, faculty, and visitors stroll around campus, they may notice the sagging and exposure of undergarments of mainly male students, females lack of covering upper body and profanity language being used.

“Using profanity shows a lack of vocabulary,” said Whitney Flewellen, TJC business major.

Riley wants students attending TJC to act respectfully toward the campus, faculty, fellow students and visitors.

Riley feels his plan of action is a “preparation for the next professional life.”

In his plan, there will be consequences given to those who do not follow the rules and guidelines for conduct while at TJC. These consequences will result in disciplinary actions and possibly probation.

If a student is in class dressed inappropriately or speaking with profanity, by policies and guidelines, the student can and will be dismissed by their instructor. If the problem continues, Damien Williams, coordinator of Student Judicial Programs, will then be contacted to step in and help with the situation.

“This transformation will be difficult, and we need everyone involved to make it happen,” Riley said.

Riley is working at a steady pace in order to finalize his proposed guidelines and polices.

According to Riley, he wants to make a recognizable difference at TJC.

Riley has many ideas and suggestions to better TJC while he is a part of the TJC family.

“We can all work together to make TJC the best it can be,” Riley said.

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