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Former TJC student showcases artwork at Wise Gallery

Writing a poem and using that story to create her newest art, while naming them after the lines in her poem gives both an inventive and passionate plot to artist Anna Krafve’s new show.

“I wrote the whole story on sticky notes while driving to my home in Burnett, from Tyler,” Krafve said about writing the poem.

“The Question”

Armed with a good question,

she set out to save the world

She saw each place like it was the only one

They often underestimated her weapon

She walked on

It kept her company

It attracted companions

Her shadow was light

She gave everything she has….and it was enough

They wondered

What is your question?

The exhibition entitled “The Question” is presented by the Full Circle Series, a calendar of shows for former students and professional artist exhibitions.

Anna graduated TJC in 2005. She earned her Associate of Art degree, and then moved on to the University of North Texas, earning two bachelor’s degrees in Painting/Drawing and Art History in May 2007.

“She was remarkably confident in what she was doing – always open to suggestions,” Chris Stewart, Art Department Chair at TJC, said.

She talked about her own personal experience in art and previous studying she had done prior to TJC.

“I had been around art my whole life. My grandfather, my mother and my sister were all involved in it somehow,” Krafve said.

Krafve told Stewart that it was her grandfather who told her about TJC. He was taking art classes at the time.

“My first formal training was at Tyler Junior College, so it definitely influenced my foundation,” Krafve said about the effect the school had on her work.

She has fond memories of all her teachers and has remained in touch with them throughout the years.

“Chris Stewart is the one who really helped my thinking on art history – showing me where art comes from and seeing the images of other artist’s work,” Krafve said of her former professor.

She has great admiration for her teachers and the different influences they had upon her creativity and career.

“Derrick is the one who makes me think about humor, juxtaposing images that may not go together but make people think. He is also very kind and made me want to teach art and produce it,” Krafve said about Derrick White, another of her art instructors at TJC.

After she had received her degrees from University of North Texas, she began her career in painting. But due to the work that her husband does, she had to move away from Tyler.

Krafve uses many styles of painting such as watercolor and acrylic. “The Question” is an acrylic, abstract series of paintings.


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