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Former TJC student wins 2008 Herrin Award of Excellence

A former student at Tyler Junior College found success through her personality.

When Priscilla Lee spent six months as a student, her husband became injured therefore leaving theHousehold needing a second income.

She decided that TJC was the place she needed to be.

The day she turned her employment application in to the College of Continuing Studies at the TJC West Campus, Lee was accepted for a same-day interview.

While Lee was waiting patiently for the meeting to begin, she kindly offered her services to the secretary who was bombarded with phone calls.

This was the moment that changed her life forever. Due to her outgoing, helpful personality, Lee was offered the position of Secretary of Health and Natural Science.

She was soon transferred to Registration. Lee has been at Registration for 12 years now and still continues to keep her bold personality shining bright every day.

In return for Lee’s devotion to the College of Continuing Studies, she was unknowingly nominated for an outstanding award by the TJC faculty and staff.

On Aug. 18 at the Tyler Junior College Convocation Ceremony’s, Lee was one out of three staff members of TJC to receive the W. Oscar and Marguerite Herrin Award of Excellence. This award was specifically founded to recognize “outstanding staff.”

Lee described her emotions to be “honored, surprised, and excited all at the same time!”

She considers her department to be her “family.”

“I could not have done it without the support and help from the entire department,” states Lee.Priscilla Lee now hangs her award on the wall in her office to remind her everyday of her success and devotion to the career she loves.

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