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Former TJC students victims of double homicide

By Austin Hall

Staff Writer

Two former TJC students were murdered on Sept. 18 at Club Ice, a club popular among TJC students.

The victims were Aisha McGee, 25, and Steven Smith Jr., 30. Smith attended TJC last Spring and also was a regular at the BSM.

Gunshots were heard at approximately 2:44 a.m. on Sunday. Security found bodies outside Club Ice with multiple gunshot wounds.

Both of the victims were regulars at the club.

“They come to the club every other weekend if not every weekend,” said Club Ice security guard Kemerick Luster.

Luster said two altercations occurred that night shortly before the shootings.

At press time, the investigation is ongoing and there are no arrests regarding the case.

“They don’t know who actually killed them, but they do have people in mind,” said Luster.

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