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Freshman Experience now online

Taking a new direction in life is not always the easiest thing, especially when it comes to starting college.

Tyler Junior College’s First Year Experience offers an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and prepare them for a future in higher education.

“This specific office helps newcomers’ transition into the college life and helps them get a good start when starting college,” Ashleigh Lewis, coordinator of FYE, said.

There are many worries such as setting up a schedule, meeting new people, and learning all the ropes. Not many people know about this new experience and all it has to offer.

All new students to TJC may have noticed that they are required to take an FYE course online. This course covers facilities, services and information that will help newcomers throughout their years at TJC. By taking this course, students receive a total of one credit hour. In order for students to complete the course, they must log onto Apache Access, go to My Online Courses and double click on First Year Experience complete the 10 modules.

In order to receive the credit, students must complete all 10 modules with a 100 percent, and it may be taken as many times as needed. Afterwards, a confirmation email will be sent to you from Lewis.

According to Lewis, the main priority of the service is to help students stay engaged and transfer to a four-year university to continue their education.

“It’s a great idea. Everyone needs to take the First Year Experience course. By taking it, you have access to your friends,” Lewis said.

Students who attended freshman orientation are not exempt from taking the FYE course.

“The ones who attend orientation are more aware, and everyone should be able to pass the course. It’s like a free A,” Sofia Herrera, a Business Administration major and an Apache Chief, said.

According to Herrera, the best part of the experience is orientation; it gives students the opportunity to connect with others.

Not only does TJC offer Apache orientation for upcoming students, but it also offers parent orientation, making TJC one of the few two-year colleges in Texas to have one similar to the other parent organizations that universities have.

Otha Harris, a Computer Science major at TJC, believes that the activities that have been offered helped him branch out and meet other students.

“It’s a fun learning experience, and I’m trying to get used to it, but I’m adjusting very well so far,” Harris said.

For more information on the First Year Experience course, contact Ashleigh Lewis at (903) 510-3751 or email fye@tjc.edu. Students can also go to the First Year Experience office that is located in the second floor of Rogers Student Center in the Student Affairs office in room 235.

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