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Freshmen reflect on first year of college

For some freshmen, it may be hard to adjust to being in college for the first time.

“At the beginning I was homesick, but now I’m OK and I’ve adjusted well,” said Darshea Dunns, a freshman at TJC who will be returning for another semester.

Some students may find it hard to adjust because there may not be enough student activities to allow them to meet people. It may also be because the word doesn’t always get to students about events.

“More activities and student functions would make my first semester better,” said Dunns.

Although attending some functions has helped Dunns meet plenty of new people, she said more functions wouldn’t hurt.

Dunns said her first semester at TJC is OK and it was nothing she thought it was going to be.

“I expected more. I feel as if I’m still in high school,” said Dunns.

Dunns said she will stay at TJC for another semester because it is required for both scholarships that she has earned. Otherwise, she may have reconsidered.

According to TJC’s Registrar’s office, almost 75 percent of the freshmen in Fall 2008 returned in the spring of 2009. A little over 50 percent of freshmen students in fall 2008 returned for fall 2009.

On the other hand, there are others like as freshman psychology major Norris Alexander who have made their minds up not to attend TJC for another semester.

“It’s boring and there’s nothing to do on campus,” said Alexander.

Alexander hopes to attend Baylor University next semester and looks forward to more on-campus events.

“It feels like I’m still in high school all over again, but it’s OK. It can just be better,” said Alexander.

Alexander said that he also expected more for his first year.

As the semester comes to an end, freshmen need to complete the First Year Experience course that can be found on Apache Access under online courses.

For more information contact Ashleigh Lewis, coordinator of the First Year Experience, at alew@tjc.edu.

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