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Fulfill Your College Experience

The everyday job as a student is to attend class, pay attention, and focus. But, a true college experience should be more than just going to class. It should be about connecting with other students who share the same interests.
Get to know your campus and get involved in student activities. You pay a good chunk of money for your tuition and you owe it to yourself to get more out of it by making it more worthwhile.
Make it more enjoyable and more memorable for yourself.
There’s over 30 organizations on campus,” said Lauren Tyler, director of the student life department. “You’ve got everything from paintball club to religious affiliated clubs to multicultural clubs.”
There are clubs that are for specific majors, as well. There are even certain clubs for residential life.
Also, there are things for commuters to do as well. Commuting should not be a reason to hold back from getting the real college experience.
There are also many benefits from getting connected to life on campus.
“It will build your character, help you out later in life with jobs, and gives you more of an insight of what the rest of your life might be like,” said Erin Eads, sophomore at TJC. “It’s really rewarding because I get to know a lot of the students.”
Joining an organization can help provide students with networking, leadership, and confidence.
The earlier students start to get involved, the more opportunity they have for networking and the more experience they get from it.
Start meeting people now and getting in contact with specific clubs you might be interested in.
There are many events that are held throughout the semester that students can attend. It gives them a chance to put their names out there and find where they fit in best.
There are many clubs to choose from and if a student is ever having trouble deciding between them, they could possibly try to get to know the members of them better.
Upperclassmen who are active in student life are also available to get advice from if there is uncertainty about what some of the clubs stand for. There are also leaders for every club that you can access to help provide answers to any questions.
Ask friends or roommates who are part of an organization if you can go with them to check it out. Go visit even more clubs with mutual friends of theirs.
If you still haven’t found the right fit, meetings and campus events are always encouraged to be attended by all students.

Also, check the TJC website daily and see what all is coming up throughout the semester. Don’t forget to keep intact with the TJC event calendar!

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