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FYE helps new students feel at home

Since 2006 First Year Experience, or FYE, is an organization that helps new students to TJC become involved in student activities and organizations around campus.

“I love the activities Tyler Junior College has to offer. I especially love the ice cream that was the very first day of classes,” said freshman Avery Young.

He added that he hopes to achieve good grades, new lifelong friendships and items to remember throughout life.

FYE helps plan most of the events for students around campus, including all of the activities that were held at TJC during Welcome Week.

“The overall message of FYE is to give a chance for freshmen to experience college life and to let students know that there are resources to make the transition from high school to college easier for everyone,” said Vincent Nguyen, interim director of CSLI.

FYE wants to help show students the extra curricular side to college. Also, to give freshmen the resources and the support services the freshmen need to achieve their goal.

“First day was kind of scary, but I loved all of the activities of Welcome Week. Loved the free food, and the ice cream although it melted fast,” said freshman Michele Shires.

There are so many ways students can benefit from getting involved. They are: being part of a social support system, developing leadership skills, adjusting to campus life, creating and maintaining life-long friendships, also getting help in school such as test-taking skills, assisting in building resumes, learning how to talk with different professors and others, and participating in activities.

“First year experience is the backbone and support of all clubs and organizations. It is the most valuable resource,” said Nguyen.

Lauren Abbott, president of FYE said, “Many students can gain various things from this organization which are: to meet new people, open lots of doors for job opportunities, help to be better in academics this club also makes students work harder.”

“Students come out as a new person. First Year Experience allows students to recreate themselves. They also volunteer more and become more involved. First Year Experience helps expand horizons,” said Abbott.

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