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FYE hosts annual Camp Apache

Friday Dec. 5 will mark the beginning of the 3rd annual Camp Apache where students can sit by campfires and eat smores. This function has become FYE’s yearly fall event. The event will take place on the intramural field where soccer games are held.

Tents will be set up along the sides of the field if anyone wants to go to sleep. “Most people didn’t sleep,” sopohmore Karita Collier, said who attened the function last year.

In 2007 the entertainment for the evening was a comedian, a rock climbing wall, and various games.

Some students were not worried about the climate as they competed in the Polar Bear Swim, trying to stay in a tub of ice water the longest.

“I recommend everyone to bring a jacket. It was about 20 degrees at the first Camp Apache and about 40 degrees at the second,” Jonathan Pollard said.

A few activities were planned for the night to encourage teamwork among the students. Prizes for winners of the games varied from camping equipment like sleeping bags to Wal-Mart gift cards.

“Even though a limited number of tents are provided, students can bring their own tents and sleeping bags,” Jonathan Pollard said. “Students can bring anything they want to Camp Apache as long as it does not violate the student code of conduct.” “Remember this is a school function.”

Students who fell asleep during the overnight event and all those who fought the yawns to pull an all-nighter were met in the morning with a hot breakfast.

“It is a good experience to get to know people and what organizations can do for them,” Taylor Jett, Student Senate President, said.

Events like Camp Apache are open to all TJC students, not just freshmen.

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