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FYE uses technology to upgrade orientation

Many may be confused about what the Firt Year Experience is and how to go about completing the course.

“It’s easy. All I did was log into my Apache Access, looked at my online courses, then did the work,” said Julian Campbell, a freshmen at Tyler Junior College.

The First Year Experience is a course that freshmen and newcomers take online. They complete different modules that help them get used to the college life, and also earn an hour worth of credit.

Students have exactly one semester to complete the course. The modules are due every week and it can be completed early.

“The earlier you start it, the faster you finish, the less students have to worry about it,” said Lewis.

There are 10 modules, which include history on the school, helpful hints on maneuvering around campus, and also techniques about adjusting and making it through college.

“They’re simple. Just read the modules and take the quiz,” said Campbell.

So far, over eight percent of students enrolled in the course have completed it. If a student does not complete the course of fails the course, they may retake it. However, passing or failing affects the GPA.

For step-by-step directions log onto Apache Access, go to My Online Courses, First Year Experience.

If students don’t score a perfect 100, they can retake the quiz as many times as needed. After finishing the 10 modules, Lewis will send a confirmation email.

“It was a huge retention push to get information to students out front in summer orientation. We throw a lot of information to them,” said Janna Chancey the Executive Director of Enrollment Management Services.

In the past, the only way students were informed and introduced to a new campus was through Freshmen Orientation during the summer.

“This class is designed to fit any student and also helps returning adults,” said Chancey.

For more information regarding the course, contact Ashleigh Lewis at alew@tjc.edu.

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