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Gallery showcases the art of former TJC students

TJC Wise Auditorium Art Gallery comes full circle with an exhibit showcasing former students currently working in the art profession. The Full Circle Series was started to motivate current art majors to pursue their passion and let them witness first hand someone who has been where they are and made it professionally.

“The TJC Art Department helps many talented students find their creative voice and inspires them to pursue their passion in art,” Derrick White, TJC Art Chair said.

The series highlights the success that alumni have had in the art world however, it is becoming increasingly harder to find jobs in the art profession.

“In this recession, it is harder for people to afford to purchase art pieces. Money is scarce so they limit to necessities,” Cameron Tyler, TJC art major said. “Artists lose business and since anyone can make art and sell it, you have to creatively set yourself apart from others and make your piece worth buying amongst the rest.”

Creative separation could be the key to guaranteed success in the art market since this year’s series contains a handful of professionally recognized artists continuing to show their creativity.

“This time around we have a large variation of about eight artist who have channeled what they have learned both here and around them to produce one original masterpieces that others can’t ignore,” White said. “They creatively master in sculpture, visual art and photography.”

One artist the series feature is Cierra McGuckie, an artist embedded in her creations. She works two-dimensionally in oil, acrylic, ink, charcoal and mixed media.

“Cierra’s art is painterly and rich with the influence of haunting photographs and iconography,” White said. “Her work invites viewers to wander closely in the convincing brushstrokes and graceful lines as well as stand back and feel the powerful punch of a strong image.”

Images incorporate anything from everyday objects to the fictional world of superheroes. One of her most raved about works is a collection of acrylic paintings displaying a caped female superhero.

“Don’t let the cape fool you, McGuckie is a serious and super artist. She brings fun to the canvas without stepping on any cartoonist toes,” White said.

However, comic book characters are not this artist’s inspiration.”My inspiration includes women from the past with their differences and similarities to our culture today,” McGuckie said.

McGuckie, along with other fellow TJC graduates, will be present at an artist talk reception to comment on their works and experiences within the art career.

The month-long Full Circle Series showcase is open to the public at no charge Feb. 9 through March 5 at the TJC Wise Auditorium Art Gallery. Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For additional information contact Derrick White at (903) 510-2233 or email at dwhi@yjc.edu.

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