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Give Back: TJC Service Day Fast Approaching

Mark your calendar because April 13th marks the fifth annual TJC Service Day.

TJC Service Day is a day when students get together to help local businesses. On Friday 13th from 9 am – 1 pm, volunteers will gather in the Rogers Student Center and set out to help out the community.

Lauren Tyler, director of student life, explained what will happen that day.

“It’s all in one day, from 9 – 1 on April 13th, so we’ll meet here as a group, we’ll disperse and give assignments, based on the number of volunteers, [and] disperse the volunteers to different agencies,” Tyler said.

There are many requests from local agencies so Tyler is hoping for a large turnout and is offering a small reward to all who participate.

“All of our volunteers get a t-shirt and a free lunch and any student is welcome to volunteer that day, so we’re hoping to get lots of volunteers,” said Tyler.

Tyler is helping organize the event, but she made it clear that she was not in charge and that this event was student led and sponsored.

“There’s two student senate officers that are assigned, or chairing, this event and so they’re the ones heading up, recruiting the volunteers, [and] finding the different agencies that are willing to let us come and do service on that day,” Tyler said.

Students will be helping out organizations like the East Texas Food Bank and the Salvation Army among others.

Tyler also mentioned that it’s placed on a Friday since many students don’t have class that day, but also wants to remind students that classes come first and it is not an excuse to get out of classes.

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