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Guest Column: Meet the Student Ambassadors

“Dedicated, fun, important, and leader” are just a few of the words that describe the Student Ambassadors here at TJC. An organization that was created just last semester to improve campus tours has grown into a prestigious group of students who have a passion for TJC and want to share it with prospective students coming from all over the U.S. Our goal as one of the first faces a future student meets is to make a student fall in love with our campus by providing TJC’s rich history and traditions as well as the personal experiences that TJC has provided each and every one of us. Everybody remembers his or her first tour and how it made them feel when they left that campus, whether the impression was good or bad. Our ambassadors are committed to providing a 30-40 minute tour around campus while striving to leave a memorable impression about how great our school and community is. In other words, by the time our 40 minutes are up, we are determined to have gained another Apache among our many. As our success continues to grow we are optimistic that the number of members will grow as well. Sound like something you would like to be a part of? We are now recruiting for the Spring ’18 semester! Come and be a part of a maturing organization here on campus that allows you to show your Apache pride and make memories in the process.

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