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Guns at TJC clarified by Chief of Campus Police

“During the last session of the Texas Legislature, Senate Bill 11, commonly known as Campus Concealed Carry, was passed. Senate Bill 11 amends the Government and Penal Code to authorize concealed handgun license holders to carry a concealed gun on college and university campuses.

“Campus Concealed Carry” will allow current and valid license holders to carry their concealed handguns where permitted on college property. It is important to note that the law does not go into effect until August 2016 for public and private universities.

For community colleges and junior colleges this law does not go into effect until August 2017. This will provide time for Tyler Junior College to set reasonable rules, regulations, and provisions prior to the effective date.

Also, House Bill 910 (which legalized the “open carry” of handguns by license holders) went into effect in January 2016, neither House Bill 910 nor Senate Bill 11 allows the open carry of handguns on institutions of higher education.

If you have further questions regarding “Campus Concealed Carry” please contact me.”

-Randy Melton, Chief of Police

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