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Help offered to returning students

The phrase “it is never too late” can be apply to students re­turning to college to further their education.

Getting back into school after a period of time can be challeng­ing, so Tyler Junior College offers assistance to returning students through the Adult Students Ser­vices program.

This program is designed to assist adults that are either attend­ing college for the first time or re­turning after an extended absence. They offer assistance with things such as child care, transportation, and book loans.

Mar’ Shelia Lester, nursing student, like many of her class­mates, is returning to school with the goal of a major career change.

Like many places of employ­ment, Lester’s offers her assistance with going to school to make it less stressful for her.

“My place of employment is very supportive of me going to college”, said Lester, “they give me hours off to attend class and they even grant students with a $200 education award for each semester completed.”

Theo Brooks has returned to TJC with the goal of receiving his associates in business administra­tion. Brooks receives assistance though student loans and the De­partment of Rehabilitation Ser­vices (DARS).

“I was kind of in doubt when I took out a student loan to pay for college,” said Brooks. “I’m not worried [anymore] because I know once I get my career started, I will have the money to pay all of [my loans] off.”

Free adult student workshops are held several times a year. These workshops are available to any­one 21 years or older interested in returning to college. Advanced registration is urged for these workshops. The next adult student workshop will be held Mar. 19 from 8:30 until noon.

For registration information contact the TJC Support Services office at 903-510-2395 or visit http://www2.tjc.edu/adultservices for more information.

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