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Highlighting TJC’s nursing program

For over 70 years thousands of nursing students began their career with the TJC Nursing Program.  Due the close range of the campus and local medical centers, students are provided the opportunity to obtain the experience needed for their chosen nursing pathway.

Alicia Tyler, interim director of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program 

Alicia Tyler, interim director of the Associate Degree in Nursing Program, helps students deal with issues they may have in class or in clinicals. Tyler also helps organizing the ADN program. Advisers can help in the deciding process for which career path in nursing to choose from, such as Licensed Vocational Nurse, Registered Nurse, Vocational Nurse, etc.

“Advising helps or they can talk to my colleagues. It all depends on the prerequisites because they’re different for both programs. A lot of students start out in the LVN then transition into the RN program after,” Tyler said. 

The Associate Degree in Nursing Program is four semesters long, in which students will receive an RN license and associate degree. The VN program is 12 months and graduates will be licensed as an LVN. Board exams need to be passed for both the VN program and for licensing. Others include the Paramedic to RN transition program in which students start as paramedics and transition to RN as well as LVN to RN transition.             

Hundreds of students apply to the program each semester. With multiple applicants each semester, students who are not accepted must wait until the following semester.

Shayla Martinez, licensed vocational nursing student

“We have about 300 applicants with only 100 accepted every six months. They must have vaccination requirements, background checks, fingerprinting, prerequisite requirements, and good grades,” Tyler said. “We would love to have people who are motivated, kind, empathetic and compassionate because that’s really what this profession is about.” 

Shayla Martinez, LVN nursing student at TJC, has always had a passion for caring for others. 

“My plan is to just climb my way up the ladder, eventually being an RN and a nurse practitioner,” Martinez said.

 For those wanting to join the nursing program, time commitment is a factor that goes into play. 

“I would say it’s more time consuming rather than difficult just a lot of hours studying its practically like a full-time job,” Martinez said. 

The nurses for generations to come may have to deal with a lot of different people including difficult patients. 

“Just being able to have an open mind and being patient with whomever you are caring for. Gain experience under your belt too, that way you know what you’re getting into and know if it is something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life,” Martinez said. 

For further information, visit tjc.edu/nursing or contact 903-510-2869 or email nursinginfo@tjc.edu.

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