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How to Start a Student Organization

Student organizations are a vital part of the student life at TJC. But how does a student organization get started?

Step one: Fill out forms from the Student Affairs office

Organization Recognition FormName of the OrganizationList of officersName of the sponsor, must be a full-time faculty member of TJCStudent Organizations Constitutional ModelFollow these guidelines:Name and when it is adopted or written

The purpose of the organization

All members must be TJC students and cannot be discriminated based on race, religion, national origin, or sex. Membership can be limited on talent for example one must be able to dance to be an Apache Belle or one must be able to play an instrument in order to be a part of the Apache Band.

Officers appointed or voted in

Advisor and the duties of advisor

Time and day of meetings

Activities sponsored by the organization

Statement of procedure to amend the constitution

Approve the organization through the director of student activitiesPut the organization on the agenda of the Student Senate meeting 72 hours prior to the meetingAttend the Student Senate meeting to present the organization and have it voted on, 90 percent of organizations are recognized and approved by the Student SenateStart signing up members, minimum of two is all that is requiredFinancing the organization can be done in a few ways; charging dues, fundraisers, or petitioning the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee for funding. All organizations have the right to charge dues but none of them do. Most organizations charge for tickets to an event for non-TJC students only. Funds are provided by the SSFAC committee.

“You only see the active student organizations in the handbook, but we do have organizations that come and go throughout each semester,” said Scott Nalley, director of Student Activities. “Normally more in the fall due to homecoming nominations, everyone wants to have a king and queen nominee for homecoming,” Mr. Nalley said.

Anywhere from 25 to 35 organizations each semester. There are 15 core organizations at TJC. The oldest are the Student Senate and Las Mascaras that were started in 1926. The Band was started in 1948. The Apache Belles rumored to have started because at games the people drinking were getting out of control so people figured if there were girls dancing the drinkers would be preoccupied by them and not start fights with other fans, said Mr. Nalley. It worked and the Apache Belles were created in 1948.

A list of the current organizations can be found at the Student Activities office. The list is also available on the website.

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