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I could write about what piques my interest

I have always been someone who will speak my mind, no matter what the topic. I feel that with any publication, our words are always being censored and monitored.

The past year I have been writing newsworthy stories and current events. Now as Editor in chief, I will finally be able to speak out for you, the readers. I will take your thoughts and ideas and put them into words for everyone else to read.

There is not much that I can personally bring to the table. I could write about what piques my interest, but would you care? It is my job to read and write stories; it is your choice to pick up our paper.

I only ask one thing from the readers, tell me what you want. In return, my promise to you is that I will never be afraid to say what needs to be said. I am not afraid of controversy. As a matter of fact, I welcome it.

Sure we are going to write about news. We are, in fact, a newspaper. Luckily for you, my section is now limitless. Write a letter to the editor, and I will put what you want out there, no matter the topic. You have an argument? Let me argue for you. I like a challenge.

George Seldes, a great American investigative journalist, once said, “all great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.”

This is my theory on controversial topics: whether or not the general public will want to hear what I have to say, it will have them talking.

It is my belief that it is better to be talked about, rather than to be forgotten or overlooked. If I were to write a column about my opinion on the downfall of the economy, would you remember it next week?

If I were to write about something controversial, about something never spoken about at this school, you would more than likely pick up our next issue. My goal is to have our readers talking.

So, no matter what thou-ghts or concerns you may have, I will take your ideas to heart and I will say what you think should be said.

I feel that there is much more to journalism than politics and economic crisis stories. Of course those topics should be addressed, but you can find that anywhere.

I want to offer more to this newspaper. I would like to see some hard-hitting, ground-breaking stories that you cannot find anywhere except at The Apache Pow Wow.

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