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With the pressure of declaring a major sometime throughout a student’s college career, it is helpful to know which careers are high on the market and which are dwindling away.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the most in demand degrees and jobs on the market involve some type of math. From engineering to business the basic skills learned in these type degree plans are used daily in many of the thriving job careers on the market.

“A business major or minor can use their degree for anything,” said Matt Phelps, academic advisor for Tyler Junior College. “A B.B.A. or a minor in business is a great concentration because all occupations or fields require or use some background in business.”

The most prosperous jobs in the coming years are projected to be in the engineering field. That includes chemical, petroleum, electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering. These types of energy jobs have shot up on the market. According to Hannah Clark at Forbes.com, the research and production of alternate energy is also on the rise. A study done by Ford Motor Company shows that the alternative gas powered cars and machines that are slowly being produced using hydrogen fuel will be in great demand when, and if, they are mass produced. These jobs are not only on the top of the market in job openings, but they are also at the top of the list for highest starting salary.

“In the U.S. we only graduate 70,000 engineers per year, but we are going to need 100,000 per year,” said Jim Turnquist, director of Career Services at Michigan State University.

Technology and the world of computers have also created a variety of jobs. Computer controlled machines, robotic devices, and tech-savvy jobs are already quickly increasing. In general, society is already tech-dependent and each aspect of it will develop more rapidly each year. As this progress continues, more software design and development is necessary, according to Joy Victory at Payscale.com. Networks and system administrators are also important to make sure everything runs smoothly with computer systems. Computer programming, computer science, networkers, and updaters are just a few examples of computer technology careers.

The healthcare field is still in significant demand. Registered nurses, family physicians, and surgeons are a few examples of secure job fields for qualified individuals. However, for those who don’t want to work up close and personal with the messy side, they can work in conjunction with doctors. Career fields such as radiology technicians, physical therapists, home health aids, and chiropractors are new careers in demand that many students are working towards.

“Healthcare is the largest industry in the country and in the more technical aspects of those careers we have a huge shortage of personnel,” said Ron Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of GottaMentor, a career coaching service located in New York City.

While studying which career pays out the biggest salary and the greatest amount of job openings, it is also good to consider the additional necessary skills for every job. According to JobWeb.com, the top five skill essentials in any career are communication skills, a strong work ethic, teamwork skills, initiative, and analytical skills.

“Any degree can be continuously prosperous,” said Phelps. “Whether it is business, pre-med, psychology, music, or any other major, there will always be jobs for creative, hard-working students who are willing to apply their life and educational lessons to any career.”

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