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Student arrested for indecent exposure at Vaughn Library


Student charged with indecent exposure has been arrested.

Fabian Sewell, TJC student, was arrested on Nov. 4 charged with Indecent Exposure – Class B Misdemeanor, that occurred on Friday Oct. 8. His bond is $40,000.
According to the TJC Press Release:
The investigation was aided by several factors: The victim’s immediate report to TJC Campus Police; Surveillance cameras in place on campus that allowed TJC Campus Police to track the suspect to his vehicle; A witness that recognized the individual after receiving the timely alert; At 2:14 p.m. on Friday, Apache Alerts sent out this report of a male indecently exposing himself in the Vaughn Library.







“An offense of Indecent Exposure has been reported to Campus Police. Offense occurred around 1:20p inside Vaughn Library. Suspect is a Black Male around 20 years of age. described as 6′, thin build, dark complexion wearing long sleeve maroon colored pull over shirt & blue jeans.”

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