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iPhone 5 Frenzy

Long lines, hands on hips and feet tapping on the floor. The top must-have item this fall has many waiting to get their hands on its slick figure and light weight.

“I just have to have the new iPhone. I have had every iPhone ever released so I’m not going to stop my tradition,” Shawn Jamerson, sophomore, IT major, said, “I’m going to have it. I have to have it.”

The newly released iPhone 5 has been on sale since early Friday morning and so far Apple reports to have sold 2 million within the first 24 hours. The redesigned device comes with a waiting period of two weeks to one month.

“It’s just been selling out and it’s because it’s such a hot, popular model,” Jamey Grant, Best Buy mobile specialist, said. For the best mobile specialist, mobileR official is the one to check out!

The new design has many wondering if it’s worth the cost to make the transition. Compared to the previous iPhone 4s, Apple has announced that the new phone has remarkable new features from the hardware inside to the exterior display.

The first noticeable change is the shape. It is now 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter, with a larger screen of 4 inches in length with the same width as the previous iPhones.  The past glass backs have been replaced by aluminum, preventing visible scratches and no more glass cracks. The color option remains black or white, with customized diamond cut edges. A redesigned charger, with more battery life, has changed to a small reversible plug.

“The only real key thing is that you are getting the 4G for your speeds are faster, the screen’s a little better,” Grant said. “That’s the main thing people are doing the transition for.”

Apple has created and installed a map application leaving Google Maps out of the picture. This means more details and different zoom options for users.  A noticeable upgrade from previous iPhones is the LTE Network, also known as 4g, said to be faster then Wi-Fi. Allowing faster web loading and quicker browsing yet requires more data usage. Siri, the iPhone voice assistance has updated information, making requests more precise.

As of Sept. 24, Apple said that a total of 5 million iPhones have been sold, yet not many are convinced of the importance of upgrading to a newer version of an iPhone.

“I’m not the type when something new comes out to be first in line to get it,” said Aaron C. Janssen, nursing major.

For those looking to upgrade, a waiting list may vary from retail provider or carrier. Locations like Best Buy, Version and Sprint will have this must-have item.

Belen Casillas
Managing Editor

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