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Ladies look for winning season

After last season’s 9-21 record, Coach Trenia Jones, head coach of Tyler Junior College Women’s Basketball, wants to prove that her team is better than their record would indicate.

“I look for nothing more than for the team getting back on the court and show that they are better than their record showed last year. We’ve been working hard, and now it’s time for everybody to see that,” said Jones.

The ladies have been working hard in practice every day and feel that they’re a much better and stronger team.

“We always say that we strive to be better today then we were yesterday,” said Jones.

Jones is not the only one who is optimistic about the season; the players seem to agree that the team as a whole has improved since last season.

“I feel like we have already progressed since last year. I can tell we are a much better team,” said player Tajan Snowden.

“I am so proud of them. They come to practice every day wanting to play harder and learn more,” said Jones.

The team has a lot to look forward to this season since they need to beat almost everybody in their conference.

“Our conference is up in the air this year. There’s no dominant person you just need to come to play every night. Every game is important,” said Jones.

With Jones as their coach, the ladies feel confident about the season.

“She’s a great coach. She knows what we need to improve in, and she also helps us out in life,” said Snowden.

Jones spends time learning the team’s mistakes and plans on ways of how they can better themselves.

“I care for them, and I want them to succeed not only on the court but in the path they choose to take in the future,” said Jones.

Coach Jones has coached many players in the past who have gone on to play basketball at the Division I level.

Jones is hopeful for this season since they have seven returning players and five new players. She believes that they will be able to go to playoffs this year.

“I know that with the returning players coming back that they would want to compete more and have a memorable season to look back to in their future,” said Jones.

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