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Lady Apaches look to have another successful season

In just their second season, the Lady Apache’s soccer team is well on its way to establishing itself as a national powerhouse.

Last season the Lady Apaches went 12-3-1, with only nine returning starters and 21 incoming freshmen, the Lady Apaches have gone undefeated so far this season as well as taking down two top 10 opponents.

After receiving its first national top-10 ranking, the team feels this is only the beginning. Cara Newton, a sophomore from Derby, England, sees nothing but potential after last year’s inaugural season.

“Last year after losing to Navarro in penalty kicks, we already made the statement that we are a team to watch. This year, we started really strong by beating Darton,” said Newton. “We are letting everyone know we are a force to be reckoned with and can compete with the best.”

Navarro is ranked number one in the nation, and Darton College is ranked seventh.

Head Coach Corey Rose feels the same as the rest of the team in feeling that they can compete with anyone in the nation.

“On any given day, we can beat anyone in the country,” he said.

Rose has taken several steps to ensure this season lives up to everyone’s expectations. From heavy in-state and foreign recruitment to team building camps, coach Rose feels the only things holding his team back are injuries and consistency in certain areas of the game.

Stellah Kuteesa, freshmen from London, England, feels that their weaknesses are a positive this early in the season.

“Weaknesses all around the field can only be a positive thing because we feel it shows we are yet to peak,” she said.

Both players feel that adaptability is a big part of their success. With a couple of key injuries to returning players, several of their teammates will have to step up and contribute.

“We have enough talent to fill these holes, we are a versatile team, we have enough adaptability that every player can play any position and will step up to do what’s asked of them,” said Kuteesa.

Even with a few key injuries, this is still a very strong team in every aspect, feels sophomore Cara Newton.

“We are an all around team but very strong in the counter attack. But without solid defense we wouldn’t be able to create attacking opportunities,” said Newton.

For this team it all reverts to Coach Rose’s motto.

“Take Ownership. Take ownership in this team. Everyone is held accountable. Everyone can lead.”

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