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Last dance: Apache Belle prepares to transfer

The 2018 Apache Belle Spring Show has come to a close, and 10 talented sophomore Belles are preparing to move on from TJC. One of these dancers is Madison Duvall.

Duvall began dancing at the age of two, but she found her niche while in middle school: drill team. “In the 7th grade I started drill team and have never stopped,” she explained. Duvall has continued to dance because it allows her to express herself. “I love that I can tell any story I want through any genre of dance,” she said.

Duvall is one of the Belles’ five Dance Captains, a role which she says has given her skills that will last a lifetime. “Life as a dance captain has been such an eye-opening experience,” stated Duvall. “I have always held a leadership role in my other drill teams, but this one has definitely taught me the most.”

This year’s Spring Show’s theme was “Lone Star State of Mind.” The show featured many memorable Texas-themed routines. One fan favorite, “Texas Weather,” utilized a trough of water to represent rain. The Belles splashed and walked in the water as part of the dance. “Once they told us we were dancing in water we were very skeptical,” admitted Duvall. However, she affirmed that getting to dance in “Texas Weather” was an amazing experience.

Even though no water was involved in “White Horses,” an elegant routine by the Apache Belle Elite team, Duvall stated that it was the most difficult dance in the Spring Show. “We spent hours and hours cleaning and perfecting the choreography and the technique in the dance.”

Although she did not have to opportunity to dance in “Bible Belt,” Duvall said that it was her favorite routine in this year’s Spring Show. “I love how upbeat the music and choreography was,” she explained. “That was the one dance I wanted to be in!”

Duvall, who hails from Sachse, Texas, stated that she immediately fell in love with TJC.

“I have met my best friends here, and I will always hold TJC very close to my heart,” she said.

But, as a sophomore, her days at TJC will soon be coming to an end. This fall, Duvall will be attending the University of North Texas in Denton. She plans to major in marketing, minor in chemistry, and eventually work as a pharmaceutical drug representative. She is also trying out for UNT’s pom squad.

“I am sad to leave TJC, but I cannot wait to be in Denton,” said Duvall. However, no matter how far she goes in life, Duvall will always cherish memories of her time as an Apache Belle.

“Mistakes, dances, [and] fights will all be forgotten,” she stressed, “but the memories with my best friends will always be with me.”

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