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Learning loft provides students with tutoring and reduces anxiety

With the pressure of final examines lurking, students are wondering how they can improve their test scores.

Students can receive the help they need in almost every course and in some electives for free, at the Learning Loft located in the Rogers Student Center.

Many students have trouble learning in a group environment. Individual tutoring is available for students who do better in a one-on-one basis.

“To receive tutoring, students have to first register,” said Sara Heartley, staff technician. “Walk-ins are welcome for math, A&P, chemistry, computer science and writing.”

The Learning Loft also provides other services such as academic coaching. Academic coaching can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and build effective study skills.

“Academic coaching can help students identify their learning style and learn how to take better notes,” Heartley said. “Students can also learn how to efficiently read a textbook and get the most out of what they are reading.”

Professional counseling is also available for students who are feeling stressed out by exams or have difficulty in their personal lives that is affecting them academically.

“Counseling can help students discover that the reasons why they are struggling have more to do with things outside of school,” Heartley said. “Relieving outside stress can help students improve.”

Regularly attending tutoring and counseling can benefit students by improving their schoolwork and their family life as well.

“Tutoring can help you grow as a student,” tutor Jessica Lehman said. “You will learn how to become more organized. It basically gives you a hand up.”

There are some subjects that students tend to struggle in more than others.

“English, but mainly help with math is in great demand,” Lehman said.

The word must be getting out about the free services that the Learning Loft provides. Registration has increased from last semester.

“About 700 students have signed up, which is a great increase from last spring. And about 70 percent of students that signed up actually received tutoring,” Heartley said.

For students who are looking for a part-time job, tutor positions are available.

“Students can come in and fill out an application. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and a ‘A’ in the course they want to tutor,” Heartley said. “The next tutor training will be held on Jan. 16.”

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