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Learning Loft provides tutoring

Taking the elevator or stairs up to the top level of Roger’s Student Center could help take a student’s grades to the next level.

Licensed Professional Counselor and Tutoring Coordinator Tracey Williams is in charge of the tutoring center. The Learning Loft provides tutoring in almost every subject, including the majority of core curriculum courses for practically any major. It also offers academic coaching to help students identify strengths and weaknesses, work on time management, and prepare for tests.

“Our tutoring labs are open for subjects that are highly requested,” Williams said. “Students don’t have to make appointments. Walk-ins are definitely welcome.”

If students make an appointment, they are able to spend time one-on-one with a tutor, but if they are a ‘walk-in’ they can still receive help on questions with their assignments.

With The Loft’s unique coloring choice, comfortable chairs, snack and drink machines, and ready-to-help staff, it appears to be a place where a student can come and get plenty of work done.

“Research shows that a brightly-colored environment helps studying. The atmosphere is very laid back,” Staff Technician Danna Reed said. “Students can come and do homework, study, or any school-related task really; as long as they respect the other students.”

Tutoring can be not only a rewarding experience for the students, but also one for the tutors.

“Tutoring is fun, and it lets me feel like I’m helping out,” Sophomore tutor Josh Nugent said. “It’s my way of giving back to the school. Plus, I get paid to do what I got an ‘A’ in. That sounds like a good deal to me.”

After completing a semester at TJC, a student is eligible to tutor in subjects in which they received an ‘A’. Students must attend a one-time tutor training held at the beginning of the semester.

“We’re always recruiting tutors,” Williams said.

“We have about 75 to 150 active tutors every semester.”

Tutoring is also very flexible for the tutors because they are allowed to set their own schedules.

Williams, being a member of a national tutoring organization, has traveled to several colleges and universities across the nation and found that the majority of schools charge tutoring with student fees or at their tutoring centers’ front desks.

For students at TJC, the story is different. All services provided are free, and one-time visits are welcome.

“I think it’s good that students know that not all colleges offer the tutoring that we do, to the extent that we do at no cost to the student,” Williams said.

All tutoring takes place in The Learning Loft to provide quality tutoring assurance for students.

Tutoring staff is available 8 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. until 5 p.m on Fridays.

The Learning Loft is located on the third floor of Rogers Student Center.

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