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LGBT organization starts on campus, all students welcome

 “a unified community where everyone is trying to promote equality.” 
 – Kody Aitch, Pride at TJC President

 Kody Aitch, a TJC student senator, has started an official LGBT organization on campus. The organization is called “Pride at TJC” and is open for all students to join.

Pride at TJC’s first meeting was held at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct.4, in the Jenkins Building, Room 228. Meetings will be held every Thursday at the same time. 

Aitch, president of Pride at TJC, said the goal of the club is to identify any issues that members of the community may be dealing with, address them, and give support to the members, offering a safe space for anyone in the LGBT community and beyond.

With the organization, Aitch said he hopes to “promote inclusiveness” and “bring everyone together.”

Students outside of the LGBT community are also encouraged to attend, Aitch said. He hopes to “bring everyone together” into a “unified community where everyone is trying to promote equality.”

At the end of each meeting, members will have the chance to write down any problems they may be having in their personal lives and put them in an “idea jar.” After the meetings, a common topic will be voted on by the club’s officers. Pride at TJC officers will create activities or other ways to address the topic, which will be announced at each meeting.

Aitch plans to incorporate activities such as the “open mic” session, where students are open to talk about anything they are going through. Guest speakers will also be invited to some meetings, and social events will be held.

Aitch said he hopes to encourage students to “just be you and take pride in who you are.”

“The Pride of TJC”
Story by: McKenna Mirsky

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