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Libertarianism can’t work, says the libertarian

By Marshall Cearfoss

Online Editor

Weed. Guns. Marriage of all types. It would all be legal under a libertarian nation.

But as a libertarian, I know that a libertarian USA couldn’t work. As many claim with socialism, “You’re just afraid of it because you don’t know what it is.” Well, the same story can be applied to libertarianism.

So, here’s a brief explanation of what a libertarian government would look like: There would be virtually no government. Nearly everything would be legal. Before you start waving your flags with “ANARCHY” painted on them, I must say that I agree. Libertarianism in the United States’ current condition would inevitably end in anarchy. Why? Because we have been babied our entire lives by – you guessed it – the government. Whenever there is a problem, we simply burrow in the government’s embrace and tell it to make the scary thing go away. I must say, that has fared well on many an occasion, but it has also caused a far bigger problem.

The problem is that now, we, as citizens of the United States, have given the government all the power. If we don’t like the way a situation is going, there will be absolutely nothing the majority could do to oppose what the government wants. Sadly, that has already shown itself in many court cases and elections.

I digress. Back to why the US would collapse as a libertarian country.

We have been raised as consumers. Ever since the early 1900’s, we the people have merely been used as ploys to further the power and agenda of those in the news. If the government would magically dissolve one day, anarchy would ensue because a nation of consumers would all of a sudden need to learn how to be responsible. And our system has sadly taught us to be rather selfish beings.

For true freedom to be evident, every member of a society needs to learn how to pull their own weight opposed to depending on others. As said by the modern bard, Stan Lee, “With great power comes great responsibility.” As cliché as this quote is, it couldn’t be more accurate when thinking about the necessities of living in a free nation.

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