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Lindale campus expands TJC’s reach

TJC Lindale Center is a flexible and effective source of learning for TJC students in Lindale and its surrounding areas, as well as for high school students.

Instead of crowding everyone onto the main campus, TJC decided to expand its location to various cities around the Smith County area.

“It allows us to reach more students and open doors for people in the service process,” said Dr. Figuero, dean of University Studies.

The TJC Lindale Center was first introduced in the Spring of 2008, when Tyler and the Economic Development Council proposed to build an off -campus site in the area, because it was part of TJC’s tax district. In the fall of 2008, TJC Lindale opened in the Intermediate Mall, with primarily General Studies courses.

Classes are taught regularly by teachers from TJC, and students must meet all academic standards required by TJC.

Currently there are 103 students enrolled at TJC Lindale, with the majority from the Lindale area and its surrounding counties.

“Enrollment has increased over 50 percent since last year,” said TJC Lindale Site Director Heather Stokkey.

Courses that are now available include, anatomy, government, physiology, continuing education and the only degree plan offered, Vocational Nursing, which now has 20 students enrolled.

Students from Lindale High School are also taking advantage of TJC Lindale for dual credit classes. Currently there are 190 high school students enrolled in courses like Continuing Education.

Although TJC Lindale offers a variety of courses, it is still not big enough for many students to complete a full two-years degree there. Therefore, many students take classes or a semester at TJC’s main campus, also.

TJC Lindale is expected to continue to expand by offering more degree plans and to double the amount of students as a true satellite campus.

“Our ultimate goal is to build a campus of its own on I-20 in north Lindale. We’re slowly taking bits of steps to accomplish our goal, but that’s a good thing,” said Dr. Aubrey Sharpe, Dean of the School Continuing Studies.

On Dec. 11 and 12, the TJC Lindale Center is hosting an open house for students and guests to get an overview of the building and the facility.

For more information on the TJC Lindale Center and the open house events, contact Heather Stokkey at (903) 510-3182.

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