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Local Men Speak on Campus in Response to Last Week’s Incident

Mike Anderson Mike Peek


Two area evangelists came to speak on campus today in response to Thursday’s incident.

Mike Anderson and Mike Peek of Tyler said they were out to preach the gospel after hearing of the altercation that involved evangelist Jesse Morrell.

“We had seen the event that had taken place the week before,” said Anderson. “Even a dog when his master is being attacked, it will bark, and so we wanted to come out here and counteract what we saw as Christ’s name being dragged through the mud.”

This is the first time that the two have come and spoken to this campus.

“We saw on the news this man, Jesse Morrell, was out here calling people names, and, in my opinion, blaspheming the name Jesus Christ,” said Peek. “So I wanted to come out here today to exalt not myself, not to say I’m righteous, but to put all men under sin and say we’ve all sinned.”

Students were seen shaking the hands of these men as they spoke.

Thursday, Jesse Morrell, among others, preached outside the Pirtle Technology Building when a confrontation with students escalated rapidly.

Campus Police and Tyler Police were at the scene on Thursday.

More details on Morrell’s altercation story are to come.

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